Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Sad Tale of Lydia Bentley of Stone, Staffordshire - 2 March 1911

Mr and Mrs Bentley, of Stone, Staffordshire recently received news from Canada of the tragic termination of a romance in which their daughter Lydia was a central figure. Miss Bentley, who was a trained nurse, travelled to Christ church, New Zealand, to join her relatives, and subsequently travelled to Canada, a distance of 7000 miles, to be married to Mr Oswald Hill, a prosperous farmer of Alberta. On the voyage, however, she was taken ill, and at Edmonton, where she was met, by her fiancée, she was conveyed to hospital. Shortly after her arrival at Edmonton Miss Bentley, while lying in what proved to be her deathbed, was married to Mr Hill. The day after the wedding.

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