Sunday, December 2, 2012

War Memorials Trust

Can you help to record the condition of War Memorials in your town? The War Memorials Trust needs your help.

The following is from their website:

“War Memorials Trust works for the protection and conservation of war memorials in the United Kingdom. We provide advice and information to anyone as well as running grant schemes for the repair and conservation of war memorials. The website provides a range of resources to help you discover more about war memorials and their preservation. Please remember we are a registered charity relying entirely on voluntary contributions to undertake our work.

War Memorials Online is an unprecedented opportunity for the public to upload images of war memorials and log concerns for the conservation of these important community and historical sources for future generations. Together, we can build a complete picture of the whereabouts, type and condition of all war memorials in the UK.

Anyone and everyone can start discovering and recording war memorials for future generations. Your content is vital.”

There are many memorials in Tamworth and the surrounding area.

The Phil Dix Centre, Corporation Street, Tamworth (formerly the Territorial Drill Hall) has a memorial for the Tamworth Territorial Army North Staffs Regiment WW2 which is in excellent condition.

In Memory of the following members of Tamworth Territorial Army at the outbreak of War.

The North Staffordshire Regiment 1939 - 1945

Pte H Archer

Sgt W Burnett

Sgt J Drake

Pte R Dudley

Cpl R Egan

Pte J Findley

Sgt R Griffiths

Pte R Griffin

St C Higgins

Pte G Hunt

Pte J Jackson

Pte W Langley

Pte R Nichols

Pte P Orwin

Pte W Robinson

Pte R Sadler

CSM R Sandall

Pte P Silvester

Pte C Stanford

Pte J Wildig

Sgt M Wood

Cpt R Whitehouse

Pte E Yates

Pts A Hewitt


We Will Remember Them

Joseph Willdig


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