Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arsenic Powder Dusted on Sweets in Burslem 15 September 1930

15 September 1930

Following the illness of thirteen children in Cheshire, traced to arsenic coated cough drops supplied by a factory at Burslem in Staffordshire detectives made an amazing discovery in a Tunstall workshop.

Buried under a heap of rubbish beneath a staircase they found a box containing half a hundredweight of  arsenic, sufficient to kill 200,000 people. A health officer expresses the opinion that there is no doubt this is the source of supply of the "powder" with which the sweets were dusted in the factory. The occupier said ho obtained the powder from a man who was now in America. He did not know it was arsenic. At least seventeen bottles of sweets are known to have been consumed, and efforts are being made to trace twelve others.
Many more children suffered in different localities.

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