Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Sparkes Family Mystery

Guest Post from Geoff Sparkes
 Another Sparkes Family Mystery
In my hunt to eliminate all references to Ann, Phoebe, Edward and James Sparkes I have hit yet another brick wall.

I have a copy of a death certificate for Phabe Sparkes who died in Birmingham Workhouse in November 1846. She was buried at St Martins Birmingham on 20th November 1846. This certificate did not have any information to link to my family.

While looking at burial records for all references to Pheobe Sparkes in Birmingham I discovered another burial in 1846. Again at St Martins, Birmingham. Pheobe Sparkes buried 16th January 1846. This Pheobe was a surprise to me as her death is not recorded on GRO records. Who could she be? Was she the missing link?

A request for a copy death certificate was posted off to the Registrar at the Birmingham Registry Office with an explanation of my findings. A burial, no record on the GRO – could it be that it was not copied from their records at the time? Fingers were crossed in the hope that a certificate would arrive in the post.

The reply arrived and with great excitement I opened the envelope. The excitement soon disappeared. The answer was No, there is no death for Phoebe Sparkes in Birmingham.

So the question still remains, who is this Pheobe? Where are Ann and Phoebe Sparkes who appear with Edward on the 1841 census?
The search goes on! 

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