Monday, January 9, 2012

Sir David and Lady Wilson rescued by their daughter - 28 March 1907 – Tiverton, Devon

One of the most dramatic ice accidents which has occurred during the recent spells of frost took place near Tiverton, Devon. A number of people, including Sir David and Lady Wilson and their daughter, were skating on a broad stretch of ice that had formed on the Tiverton and Bridgewater Canal. Suddenly part of the ice on which Sir David and Lady Wilson were skating gave way, and in a moment they were struggling in ten feet of water. Shouts were raised, and some men on the bank promptly went for a rope, but before they could return Miss Wilson, seeing her parents' danger, skated to the spot, and, plunging into the water, made an heroic attempt to save her mother at considerable risk to her own life.

It was impossible for her to lift Lady Wilson out of the water, but she held her mother's head up till help arrived. A human chain was formed from the bank, the first link being formed by Mr Wakefield, who stretched himself flat on the ice near the hole, and the second, by Mr H. Mudford, the Mayor of Tiverton.

Miss Wilson was still bravely holding her mother well out of the water, and seeing that Sir David, who is in his sixty-ninth year, was becoming exhausted, the rescuers first paid attention to him, dragging him safely out of the water and passing him to the willing helpers on the bank. Lady Wilson was next taken out, and when Miss Wilson's turn came and she was safely brought to land, the crowd assembled on the bank and gave her a rousing cheer. Sir David and Lady Wilson and their daughter were happily none the worse for their adventure.


  1. I love all your stories where do you get them from?

  2. I am so pleased that you are liking the stories.

  3. autumnmiss - I have collected lots of "stuff" from lots of places over the years.