Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Poisoning of Tiverton group - 17 May 1884 – Thomas Fahoy killed

The reported case of poisoning at Urral, near Rakaia, is confirmed. It appears that the party, seven in number, left Tiverton on Thursday on a shooting excursion, and before starting were supplied with a bottle of whisky by Mr Mant. On reaching Urral they stopped to have a drink, and immediately after were all seized with convulsions.

One of the party, who was not so bad as the others, drove off to Ashburton for the doctor, and in the meantime three settlers in the vicinity administered emetics. When Dr. Ross arrived from Ashburton one of the men, Thomas Fahoy, was dead, but the others were soon out of danger.

It appeals that a jug, which had contained strychnine and had not been washed out, was used by Mr Mant to pour the whisky into the bottle. Had the party reached their destination before partaking of the whisky, they would most probably all have died, as they would have been too far from assistance.

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