Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Tree Search for Ancestors of Sir Isaac Pitman – 10 February 1939

Descendants of Sir Isaac Pitman, the pioneer of modern shorthand, are anxious to trace his family tree. They are advertising for information about his ancestors. Sir Isaac, who was a Wiltshire man, was born 126 years ago and died in 1897. It is known that his great grandfather was a John Pitman, who worked in the Somerset cloth industry at Taunton. ut beyond that no information can be obtained.

The Pitmans of Taunton were poor people which increases the difficulty in tracing them, Mr C. R. Everett, of Salisbury, who is conducting the inquiry, said this week: "It is not easy tracing any family, even when the usual sources of information have been preserved and are properly kept. When the family belong to the poorer class, the difficulty is intensified. Wealth in any form necessitates records; those with little or no possessions have no need to make wills or to go to law about their property."

Records have been searched at Taunton, and entries have been found relating to other Pitman’s as far back as the seventeenth century; one of them, it is recorded, was buried "from the Poore House." But there is a gap in the records. Were these Pitman’s ancestors of John Pitman, the cloth worker, and Sir Isaac's great grandfather? This is the question that researches have so far failed to answer.

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