Thursday, January 12, 2012

Centenarian Stephen Coales of Oundle - 23 November 1889

At Oundle, Northamptonshire, a centenarian may almost daily be seen taking his walks. His name is Stephen Coales, and he is an inmate of Laxton's Hospital, an almshouse founded by Sir William Laxton, a London grocer, who died in 1556.

There is some doubt as to his exact age though he states that he is 105. That he is over 102 is proved by the following entry in the Oundle Baptismal Register 1787, Mar. 7, Stephen, son of James and Mary Coals, and he says that he remembers being taken by his parents to be baptised. He attends church regularly, walking to and fro without an attendant.

He suffers slightly from deafness and his memory is impaired, but he talks intelligently of events of his childhood, and he has not had an ache or pain for years. For over fifty years he followed the occupation of a gardener. Coales has a good appetite, and is not limited in his diet, though he has but one tooth, of which he is rather proud. He is in the habit of having half a pint of beer with his dinner and half a pint with his supper, which he greatly enjoys, while as a medicine he occasionally takes a glass of gin and water. He is a non-smoker, and says he could never manage a pipe.

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