Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thomas Davies of Eccleshall, Staffordshire - Record of a Horse - July 1912

DRIVEN 100-MILES IN HOURS WITHOUT FATIGUE. A twelve year-old dun-coloured cob standing 14.2 hands was driven with a governess car 100 miles in 13 hours 27 minutes completing the journey in good condition.

The owner and driver, Mr Thomas Davies, of Field House Farm, near Eccleshall Staffordshire, has been in the habit of driving the horse long distances and has learned that he is a good stayer. The road was good and on the whole flat. Mr Davies left Eccleshall at 6.30 a.m. and reached Wolverhampton (twenty-three miles) at about 8.40. It baited for thirty minutes returned reaching Eccleshall at 11.40, and at once drove eight miles (four and four in) on the road to Stone.

After an hour's rest a second journey to Wolverhampton was begun at 1.20 p.m. At Wolverhampton there was twenty-five minutes baiting and Eccleshall was reached on the final return journey at 7.30.

The pace throughout was between eight and nine miles an hour except on the short journey at mid-day, part of which was taken at twelve miles. The driver had no whip and drove almost all the day with a slack rein, allowing the horse to make his own pace. At the end the animal showed no signs of fatigue.

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