Friday, November 11, 2011

Shocking affair in Orgreave, Nr Lichfield, Staffordshire 1895

A shocking affair is reported from Orgreave, a small village four miles from Lichfield. Frederick Bakewell, an old man with his wife and George Hackett, a stepson, were at breakfast when they were alarmed by the loud barking of a dog in the yard. The son ran out to see what was amiss and was immediately shot.

He staggered back into the house followed by a man, who rapidly fired two shots at the old man who instantly fell dead on the floor. The son made for the door to raise the alarm, and fell exhausted from his wounds and died. The mother went towards the man, who fired at her also. The first shot glided off a pad on her breast. She was, however, wounded with a second shot, and fell unconscious.

She, however, recovered sufficiently to give some account of the tragedy. She says she believes that the man was the same as one who called about a week ago at the shop and had a glass of milk. Her husband was at Lichfield on Thursday, and drew a considerable sum of money, part of which he kept himself, letting her have the remainder but whether this had anything to do with the murder is not known.

The murderer who immediately decamped is still at large. The neighbours state that they saw a man running away, and they say that he acted like a madman.

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