Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreadful Tragedy in Sheffield - 1872

On the 19th of February the circumstances attending the shocking tragedy at the Alexandra Music Hall Sheffield were fully investigated before Mr Coroner Webster. Thomas Bradshaw, who was the night watchman at the hall was found suspended among the flies over the stage and his wife lying with her skull fractured and insensible in the wardrobe.

She was removed to the infirmary where she died. During a short period of consciousness she told her sister that her husband seemed, very poorly, and could not hold a limb still. Three pennyworth of whisky and he seemed better; but during the whole of the day he carried a razor in his pocket. He told her he would murder her and himself too. She talked to him, and after tea he seemed better.

He asked her to take him some supper at half past twelve at night. She complained that it was late for her to be out, but he insisted on her going. When she got to the door he knocked her down with fist and blacked her eye. When she got up he kissed her, and asked her to go into the music hall with him and promised not to hit her any more. As soon as she got inside he said that he was going to murder her and himself to and that it was no use for her. to scream, as her screams would not be heard there. He then pulled her into the wardrobe and struck her on the head with a hatchet.

She remembered him going with a lantern to look at her, and she begged him to dress her wounds, as she was dying; but he went away, remarking, “You see what your Chris, (referring to the man she had married during Bradshaw’s absence in Australia) has brought you to” and she saw him no more. The jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against Thomas Bradshaw, and that he afterwards committed suicide when in a state of jealous frenzy.

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