Sunday, October 16, 2011

White Archival Gloves

White Cotton Archival Gloves
Old and worn family history documents should be handled with great care.
Documents or photographs are often damaged by fingerprints where oils from our fingers can have a chemical reaction. Wearing white archival gloves can stop this happening thereby helping to preserve these items. They should be used when handling:
·        Archival documents
·        Manuscripts                                    
·        Books
·        Works of art
·        Photographs
·        Negatives
·        Microfiche
·        Artwork
Wearing white cotton archival gloves can be compulsory when visiting Archive Offices and Libraries. These gloves are sometimes available to loan but it can be more convenient to own a pair to take with you when carrying out research as they can also be used at home.
These quality archival gloves are both lightweight and washable and are available in two sizes:
Medium - (womens) or Large – (mens)
Cost - £1.95 per pair plus £1 post and packing
These white gloves are also suitable for:
·        Eczema and dermatitis sufferers
·        Valet gloves
·        Magicians gloves
·        Glove liner

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